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Jasper Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Participants will attend a variety of interactive discussion panels and breakout sessions. These breakouts will be delivered by various successful women that represent a variety of careers and personal choices. These women are experts on issues that high school girls are currently facing. The sessions will teach important skills needed to be successful in the workforce and ways to develop their leadership potential.

Yoga for Mind, Body & Spirit

Sherri Roos
Kimball Electronics

This session will provide you with an introduction to the practice of yoga and how you can re-connect with your mind, body and spirit by following some of the simple, yet effective yoga practices. This session is applicable to anyone, even if you have no experience with yoga practice.

Be Positive

Kim Messmer
Mary Kay Cosmetics

The greatest leaders and the greatest team players are positive, energetic, and uplifting individuals. Kim will show you how building this skill will serve you well in every area of your life.


Suzanne Burgess and Kelly Clauss
Memorial Hospital

HeartMath is a beautiful tool that when used empowers us to step back from stressful or negative situations by shifting our attention from the mind to the heart.  Doing so routinely throughout our day can prevent or even reverse the body’s normal destructive stress response and the physical and mental wear and tear that stress has on our bodies.  The science behind HeartMath is real ~ simply stated, the messages our heart sends to the brain directly affect our perceptions, mental processes and performance.

Self Defense

Captain Tim Guy
Washington Police Department

Tim will discuss making smart choices about situations you are presented with. He will also demonstrate techniques on how to extricate yourself from a bad situation.

Be the One

Rhonda Broerman
Memorial Hospital

Rhonda will provide advice to young females regarding job interviews and how to make a great first impression. She will help prepare you for that all-important interview by giving you some do’s and don’ts so that you can Be the One chosen.

Don’t Be a Mean Girl

Kim Tharpe-Barrie
Norton Healthcare

Kim will give you real life lessons on the impact of bullying. She will give you tips on how to prevent yourself from becoming a target and how to deal with situations if they arise throughout your high school years.

Creating a High Impact Career (and Life)

Sue Ellspermann
Indiana Lt. Governor

Making thoughtful decisions about education after high school will impact your life for years to come. Join a conversation about selecting a career path and then planning an education that will enable you to succeed. Share thoughts and ask questions about college and hear some suggestions on how to maximize the value of that experience for your career and life.

Be Loved

Joan Eckerle-Knies
Crisis Connection

Joan will focus her discussion on healthy relationships-what makes a healthy relationship, ways to identify a bad relationship you may be in, then how to move away from these relationships. She provides several valuable life lessons.

Making Fitness Fun

Jaime Jahn
Fit Together Group Fitness

Jaime will talk to you about the importance of being fit and how to incorporate fitness into your life and make it fun.

Giving Back

Courtney Knies
Mentors for Youth

Author Kurt Vonnegut said, “The most daring thing [young people can do] is to create stable communities…” In this session, Courtney will explore what it means to volunteer and to intentionally create community. It’s about more than resume building, and it’s even about more than simply “giving”.

The High Road and Why it Has Nothing to Do With Being High

Lindy Duesner and Ashley Byble
Southern Hills Counseling Center and Solutions Counseling

This session will focus on the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol. Lindy & Ashley will focus on how saying “no” to drugs and alcohol isn’t so simple. They will help you increase your ability to stick with your decision in difficult situations.

Be Money Wise

Ruth Wilson
Junior Achievement of Evansville

Ruth will discuss the importance of setting a budget, thoughtful decision-making concerning money and credit, and discuss personal finance tips.

Vincennes University Jasper Campus

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Registration: 8:00-8:45am

Welcome & Intro of Lt. Governor: 8:45-9:15am

Transfer/Break: 9:15-9:25am

Breakout Session #1: 9:25-9:50am

Transfer/Break: 9:50-9:55am

Breakout Session #2: 9:55-10:20am

Transfer/Break: 10:20-10:25am

Breakout Session #3: 10:25-10:50am

Transfer/Lunch/Break: 10:50am-11:50am

Transfer to Jasper Arts Center: 11:50am-12:00pm

Gift Giveaway & Keynote Intro: 12:00-12:15pm

Keynote, Liz Forkin Bohannon: 12:15-1:10pm

Closing Remarks: 1:10-1:25pm

Pictures & Autographs: 1:25-2:00pm

Have questions? Contact us!

Emily Hickerson YWL Project Manager (812) 937.3363

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