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Jasper Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Participants will attend a variety of interactive discussion panels and breakout sessions. These breakouts will be delivered by various successful women that represent a variety of careers and personal choices. These women are experts on issues that high school girls are currently facing. The sessions will teach important skills needed to be successful in the workforce and ways to develop their leadership potential.


Class A

Be Employable

Hear advice regarding job interviews and how to make a great first impression.  Learn how commitment, attendance, communication, volunteering & accountability will help you succeed within your career.

Class A

Be Money Wise

Andrea will discuss the importance of budgeting, credit card pitfalls, how to live within your means and the difference between want and need.

Class A

Be Your Future

Not everyone’s path to success is the same. Learn how three local women overcame obstacles to achieve success in their careers.

Class A

Be Courageous

Seeking new experiences and connections outside of your comfort zone can be overwhelming. Learn how to succeed while still being true to yourself.

Class A

Be Understood

Why does it seem like moms just don’t understand? Listen as ladies in different stages of their lives discuss how their relationship with their mothers continues to evolve.

Class A

Be Prepared for College

This session will focus on many aspects of college including the application process and financial aid. You will also learn how to decide on which college to attend, how to identify your strengths and weaknesses and map them to your major and how to get involved on campus. An interactive trivia portion will also be included.  *This session is for Juniors & Seniors only*

Class B

Be Safe, Be Tough

Wade & Amy will present self-defense techniques and will help you learn how to make smart choices that will keep you safe in dangerous situations.

Class B

Be Kind

Megan will discuss the trials and tribulations of social media and will focus on the positive and negative impact that social media can have on everyone’s lives.

Class B

Be Fit

Allison & Andrea will discuss the importance of finding a work/life balance and how to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Class B

Be Peaceful

Be introduced to the practice of yoga and meditation and how you can re-connect with your mind, body and spirit by following some simple, yet effective practices.

Class B

Be Loved

Recognizing the signs of an unhealthy relationship can be difficult. This session will explore the ingredients of healthy relationships, what unhealthy relationships look like and what participants have a right to in their relationships. We will examine some of the factors that increase a person’s risk for getting into an unhealthy relationship and brainstorm ways to build resilience.

Class B

Be Aware

Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of eating disorders and substance abuse so that you can not only help yourself but help others as well.


Vincennes University Jasper Campus

Date: Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Registration & Photos: 8:45-9:15am

Welcome & Intro: 9:15-9:30am

Keynote Speaker – Julie Marie Carrier: 9:30-10:20am

Transfer/Break: 10:20-10:30am

Breakout Session #1: 10:30-11:00am

Transfer/Break: 11:00-11:05am

Lunch #1 & 2/Breakout Session #2: 11:05-12:20pm

Transfer/Lunch/Break: 12:20pm-12:30pm

Speaker – Kim Lewis: 12:30pm-1:05pm

Closing Comments: 1:05-1:25pm

Grand Prize Drawings: 1:25pm-1:35pm

Pictures & Autographs: 1:35-2:30pm

Departure:  2:30pm

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