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What Is Young Women LEAD?

What is Young Women LEAD?

Young Women LEAD provides live events, conferences, and curriculum for high school girls focusing on Leadership, Education and Development. The purpose of Young Women LEAD is to empower high school girls to embrace their strengths and to reach their full potential. Young Women LEAD Live! events feature nationally recognized women who share their own insights on real life issues and how to overcome them to achieve successful and meaningful careers. Young Women LEAD also provides an opportunity for the teens to connect to and learn from local female business leaders.

This conference is unique both in its creation and purpose. Young Women LEAD is organized by the local participants of SOAR, a leadership development program designed to assist businesses in developing their women for future leadership positions. This project allows the SOAR members to practice their newly acquired leadership skills while at the same time “pay it forward” in their communities benefiting high school girls.

Young Women LEAD has hosted 46 free conferences impacting 31,000 high school girls. Young Women LEAD is on a mission to change the way high school girls nationwide perceive themselves and to challenge them to reach higher levels of personal growth and development.

Young Women LEAD Goals

  • Provide a conference that fosters the leadership development and growth of high school girls;
  • Build self-awareness and encourage high self-esteem;
  • Provide role models through conversations and exposure to a diverse group of senior female executives and other successful women; and
  • Offer curriculum for schools to develop Young Women LEAD Clubs to support high school girls as they embrace their strengths and consider their future careers.

Young Women LEAD Live! events are currently hosted on a yearly basis in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina. For more information on the conference in your state please hover on the Programming tab above.


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